In nd4j, running tests can be a bit difficult to understand due to the multi backend nature of nd4j.

Nd4j has a singlar test directory for all backends:

This is where all tests go.

All tests must extend BaseNd4jTest and have the parameterized runner specified. See(LoneTest)[ for an example.

When extending BaseNd4jTest, an ordering method returning ‘c’ or ‘f’ must also be specified.

-Running a single class


cd in to the backend of your choice. Backends are located under nd4j-backend-impls and run

        mvn clean test -Dtest=ClassName

If you want to run a single method:

        mvn clean test -Dtest=ClassName#methodName


Go to the method name of your test you want to run. Right click and hit run. It should give you an error regarding filters and requests. Ignore that error.

Go to Run -> Edit Configurations

Find ClassName.methodName (whatever the name of your test class/method name are)

Look for: Use classpath of module.

Switch the module to be the backend you want to use.

Keep in mind that everytime you change the tests, in order for intellij to update, you need to run mvn clean install on the whole project right now. This will allow you to run/debug tests for different backends though.

Ignore the warning in the corner about it not finding the folder. The classpath is resolved via maven and will pick up the test when you run it.